Are you dreaming of some time out of the house with your love? Even though you can’t enjoy a night on the town quite yet, you can still have fun at home! We’ve put together 14 fun stay at home date night ideas for you to try!

Movie night in your van

Do you have a minivan or SUV with a DVD player? Dust off your favorite DVD, head out to your driveway, grab some popcorn or dinner and drinks, and get cozy after the kids go to bed. 

Once it gets warmer, use a projector to set up a movie on your garage door or side of your house. This is a fun one to do with the kids too!

Wine or alcohol tasting

Do you have random bottles of wine or alcohol sitting around? Why not throw your own tasting night! Make a nice cheese plate, pour some different wines, and rate them. Maybe you’ll find your new favorite.

If you don’t have any alcohol on hand, you can pick up wine, cocktails, margaritas and more from a few local places.

DC Winery 
Pick-up Wednesday – Saturday from 12 – 5 pm. Call 608-481-1565 to order.

McEachran Homestead Winery
Pick-up Monday – Friday from 11 am – 5 pm. Call 815-978-5120 to order.
Current wines include Edelweiss, LaCrescent, Reliance, Steuben, Delaware, Leon Millot, Cranberry, and Spice Wine.

Lucha Cantina
Call 815-977-4319 after 3:30 pm to order.
You can get kits to make their “The Natural” margarita, Classic Lucharita, and Strawberry Lucharita. They also offer Prairie Street Peach Wheat and Nor’Easter NE-IPA in 4 packs.

Prairie Street Brewhouse
Call 815-277-9427 to get cans of Nor’Easter New England Style IPA, Peach Wheat Ale and Tickled Pink Sour Ale, Crowlers, and Growlers. 

Social Urban Bar and Restaurant
They offer online ordering for cocktail kits for Espresso, Lavender, The Craythur, The 509, Surgeo Generals Warning, and Johnny Hammersticks as well as spirits and beer.

Cook a fancy meal together

Find a restaurant-quality recipe that you’ve been meaning to try and cook it together once the kids go to bed. Here are some fun options.

Juicy Steakhouse burgers

Cheesy Broccoli soup in a bread bowl

Garlic butter steak

Lobster Mac and cheese

Chicken parmesan

If you’d rather order something delicious, here’s a list of local places that are offering delivery and carry out. 

Do home improvement projects together

Do you have a room that needs to be painted or some other chore you can tackle together? Put the kids to bed and get something done.

Here are 21 easy projects you can do in your house.

Binge-watch a show

There are a lot of great shows constantly being added to the streaming services. If you haven’t seen Tiger King yet, there’s still time! Get comfortable on the couch and pick a series to watch.

]Here’s a list of 152 Netflix shows ranked from worst to best. Master of None is #1.

Here’s a list of 68 Hulu shows ranked from worst to best. Justified is #1.

Here’s a list of 54 Amazon Prime shows ranked from worst to best. Fleabag is #1.

Look through old pictures together

Spend some time looking through old pictures and talking about great memories.

This is the perfect time to get those photos off your phone and into photo books. Groupon has some great deals on Shutterfly books if you feel like getting creative.

Have a picnic in your living room

Lay a blanket out, light some candles, make a nice dinner, grill out, or grab some takeout or delivery and eat dinner inside. Once the weather warms up, move the picnic to your deck or yard. Here’s a fun picnic backpack with a full cutlery set and blanket!

Have a bonfire

Enjoy the night air and roast some S’mores! Do a little stargazing while you’re outside. If you want to make some fancy S’mores, try these recipes. The candied bacon one sounds awesome!

Play games or do a puzzle together

Sometimes you just want a screen-free evening. Make each other laugh by playing a funny game like Scattergories, Taboo, Exploding Kittens or do a puzzle together.

Local store, 3Rs is selling 1,000 piece puzzles that would be perfect for a date night. They offer delivery and curbside pick-up.

If you want to try something different, see if you have what it takes to be a detective and Hunt a Killer together.

If you’re looking for family-friendly board games, check out our list here.

Do a couples workout

If you’d rather try an active date night, how about an in-home workout? 

Many places are streaming free workouts including:

Paint or do an arts and craft project together

Grab some art supplies and create something beautiful together!

Several of our local companies are offering supplies to do board projects at home. Get one dropped off on your porch or pick up a kit and have a fun night together.

Here are the local options:

Bristle & Timble

815 Wood Designs

Erica’s Board Creations

Take a walk or bike ride together

If your kids are old enough to stay home alone, take a sunset bike ride or walk together and talk about what you’d like to do and where you’d like to go when the order is lifted. Here’s a list of our local bike paths and open forest preserves

Do an online dance class

Ever wanted to try a dance class, but didn’t get around to it? Try one in your living room where you won’t be embarrassed if you find out you have two left feet.

You can take lessons online or just turn up the music and freestyle!

If you want to impress your kids, you can also learn the Fortnite dances or TikTok dances and surprise them when they wake up in the morning.

Watch a concert online

There are a ton of musicians performing live concerts from home. Whatever the genre of music you prefer, you can find something to listen to. Dim the lights and wave your cell phone around and it’s almost like you’re there!

Here’s a big list of upcoming streaming concerts and how you can listen to them.

Local musicians Miles Nielsen and Kelly Steward are offering free concerts on Miles’s Facebook page on Thursday nights.

Discover Dixon is sharing musicians live on Facebook at 7 pm.

Do you have any other ideas for date nights at home? Send us a message at and let us know!

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