Even though we’re going to be staying home for a while longer, we don’t have to stop having fun. What’s one way to have fun together at home? Family game night!

We asked Stateline Kids readers to share their favorite board game and they gave us some great suggestions!

Here’s a list of board games that your family will love and six tips for having fun on family game night.

Six Tips for Having Fun at Family Game Night

  1. Put a game night on the calendar! We often choose Friday or Saturday nights and make it special by throwing a frozen pizza in the oven or having popcorn, smores or some other treat.
  2. Let each kid pick a game. Kids will enjoy the night more if they get a chance to play their favorite game.
  3. Decide how many games you’re going to play and for how long before you start. Will you play two rounds each game or play for 20 minutes per game? 
  4. Put away all distractions – phones, screens, etc. and give the game your full attention.
  5. Have fun with your family! Even though we’re in an uncertain time, we can still make happy memories.
  6. Make a Your Family Trophy or another prize for the winner!

Favorite Family Board Games and Card Games

We asked Stateline Kids readers to share their favorite family board games. We included some of our favorites too!

All games can be found on Amazon. Stateline Kids is an Amazon affiliate. Games may be more expensive than usual due to decreased stock and increased pricing during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Did we miss your favorite board game? Share in the comments!

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