Tired of being in the house? Want to get eye to eye with a buffalo? Here’s something fun you can do while maintaining social distance: visit Wisconsin’s only drive-thru safari adventure. It’s located about one hour from Rockford!

Safari Lake Geneva is offering a new option for 2020! For the first time, you can experience a safari from inside your own vehicle! You can buy a bucket of grain to feed the animals from your window and get a close up look at them. Online reservations are required to drive through.

You can expect to see steer, camels, zebras, buffalo, llamas, alpacas, emus, ostriches and more!

Location: W1612 Litchfield Rd., Lake Geneva, WI 

Hours: Online reservations required
9:30 am – 5 pm 
Last admission is at 4 pm
May 1st – November 1st

Cost: $18.95 per adult (16 and older)
$11.95 per child (3-15)
Free for ages 2 and under
$5 per bucket of animal feed

Time: Plan for about 1 hour to drive through the safari. You can drive through more than once on your visit for no extra charge.

You can book your time online here. 

26 thoughts on “Wisconsin’s Only Drive-Thru Safari is An Hour From Rockford”

    1. Hi Laura, you can expect to see steer, camels, zebras, buffalo, llamas, alpacas, emus, ostriches and more!

  1. Is there a place to eat in or near this place? We are coming from Rockford and all that is available is curbside/drive thru here. We want to be prepared coming with kids

  2. We will be coming from Rockford. We are praying that you guys are keeping afloat during this difficult time.

    1. From being on the wagon before, there is definitely the potential of a vehicle scratch. The cattle have huge horns. Huge!!

  3. Will our of state drivers get a ticket? Someone told me that if you are coming from IL Wisconsin police will ticket you.

  4. Drove there to find out reservations only.
    We both read the ad and nowhere did it state anything about reservations required.
    Young guy at gate was apologetic and nice.
    Yet my Autistic son wasn’t as understanding.

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