The status of summer camps is still uncertain, but Rockford Park District has something fun your kids can do in the meantime! For the next three Fridays, they are offering All In 4 Camp Virtual Summer Camps.

My five year old attended the first session “Growing Wild” on Friday, May 15th. She enjoyed the games, storytime, nature scavenger hunt, and interaction with other kids. The camp counselors were enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and fun. The program ran right on schedule and included opportunities for movement and interaction.

Dates and Time: Fridays, May 22 – June 5 from 2 – 4 pm

Location: Zoom meeting at your home!

Cost: $20 per household per camp

For kids ages: 4-10

All In 4 Camps Themes and Upcoming Dates:

Animal Mania (Friday, May 22)

Animal Mania camp will teach kids how to identify animals based on their tracks and scat, let them pretend to be animals and take them on a virtual field trip to Lockwood Park to see the animals there!

We’ve Got Talent (Friday, May 29)

We’ve Got Talent camp will let kids play games, show off their skills, learn a Zumba dance, and do a talent show!

Virtual Escape (Friday, June 5)

Virtual Escape camp will let kids solve a mystery to help catch a world-famous cartoon villain, survive on a desert island, and locate a vaccine hidden by a mad scientist. There will also be a tour of the inside of Nicholas Conservatory.

If you’re looking for something to keep your kids busy, entertained and allow them to get a taste of camp life at home, sign up for an upcoming camp here!

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