While we’re staying at home, entertainment options are limited. When you’re burnt out on screens, but are looking for something to keep the kids entertained, check out these podcast and audiobook options!

Podcasts for Kids

Brains On – Brains On teaches kids about science using fun topics like dust, narwhals, food, pianos, and more! Even though it’s geared towards kids, parents will definitely learn new things when they listen along.

Earth Rangers – If you have a kiddo that loves animals, they will enjoy the Earth Rangers podcast! This podcast explores the mysteries of nature. 

Stuff You Missed in History Class – Parents and kids alike will both enjoy the greatest and strangest things you never learned in history class. This podcast is best for kids 10 and up.

What If World – Mr. Eric takes what if questions from kids and turns them into fantastic stories. Call to leave a voicemail at 205-605-WHAT. There are more than 150 episodes of this delightful podcast.

The Punies by Kobe Bryant – The late Kobe Bryant created a podcast about a group of neighborhood friends who play sports and have adventures. This is perfect for any kid that’s upset that sports are canceled for the time being.

Wow in the World – This NPR podcast is so fun, kids won’t even realize that they’re learning something when they listen to it. Kids can explore the wonders of the world around them including funny topics like bee barf, singing mice, and duck poop!

Story Pirates – This is the number one podcast for kids and families and for good reason! This podcast celebrates the words and ideas of kids. It’s the perfect lightheaded antidote for these serious times.

Eat Your Spanish – If you’d like your kids to learn Spanish, here’s a great podcast to get started. Eat Your Spanish makes learning Spanish fun with songs and games.

Story Spectacular – Children’s book author and illustrator, Angela Ferrari, hosts a weekly storytime with original stories and classic retellings. If you’re missing your local library’s storytimes, check this out!

Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian – This podcast is a serialized story about a little boy who has big adventures. With almost 175 episodes, this one will keep your kids busy for a while.

Becoming Mother Nature – Follow along as Chloe finds herself turning into Mother Nature! This 13 episode series is magical and fun.

Tumble – Tumble is a science podcast for kids that tells the stories of scientific discoveries. They did a recent episode answering kids questions about the coronavirus that might be helpful if you’re having a hard time explaining the new normal to your kids. 

Six Minutes – Six minutes is a mystery adventure about a girl named Holiday who doesn’t remember who she is or where she can from. There are over 200 episodes that follow her adventures.

Noodle Loaf– Noodle Loaf is the perfect podcast for when your kids want to get up and move. It’s an interactive music and game podcast for the whole family and the episodes are only about 10 minutes long!

Circle Round – This podcast adapts folktales from around the world into musical storytimes read by famous authors and musicians. 

But Why? – Do you have a curious kid? Then this is the podcast for them! Kids ask big questions and the hosts find out the answers. Some questions are silly and some are serious!

Smash Boom Best – Smash Boom Best takes two things like dogs versus cats and lets you decide which is best. Kids learn about debating while having fun!

Young Ben Franklin – This 10 episode podcast tells the story of Ben Franklin’s childhood. This a fun podcast to introduce your kids to American history.

Grimm, Grimmer, Grimmest – Listen to a retelling of a Grimm fairytale with a modern twist.

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls – Real-life rebel women tell empowering stories about female pioneers, explorers, champions and creators. This is a must-listen if you have a little girl!

This Podcast Has Fleas – Though this podcast is no longer in production, the seven episodes are a hoot. The show follows a dog and cat with dueling podcasts.

Pants on Fire – A game show that helps kids spot a liar! In each episode, a kid faces two grown-ups to figure out which one is the expert and which one is pretending to be.

The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel – This is a scripted podcast about a boy whose friends start disappearing. It’s best suited for tweens.

Mick Munter Monster Hunter – Australian adventurer Mick Munter explores the untamed wilderness looking for monsters. There are only four episodes of this podcast, but they are cute!

Forever Ago – Forever Ago makes history fun by exploring the origin of one thing per episode. There are only eight episodes so this podcast is totally binge-able.

Audiobooks for Kids

Check with your local library for resources on audiobooks.

Rockford Public Library has AudioBookCloud, Hoopla, and TeenBookCloud. Learn how to access them here.

Cherry Valley Public Library has Libby, OverDrive and Tumblebooks. Learn how to access them here.

Ida Public Library has Libby and OverDrive. Learn how to access them here.

Talcott Free Library has Tumblebooks. Learn how to access it here.

Beloit Public Library has Hoopla, Libby, OverDrive, and TumbleBooks. Learn how to access it here.

North Suburban Library District has Tumblebooks, Hoopla, and Libby. Learn how to access it here.

Audible for kids

Audible is letting kids listen to stories FREE with no sign-up for as long as schools are closed. There are hundreds of titles for little ones, elementary schools, tweens, teens and more! Search for your next audiobook here.

Did we miss any kids’ podcasts that you love? Send us an email at hello@statelinekids.com and let us know!

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