West Rock Wake Board Park is a local gem located in Levings Park in Rockford. They are here to give kids and adults a place to learn how to wakeboard and practice the sport!

Address: 1420 S. Pierpont Avenue, Rockford, IL
Located in Levings Park

Hours: Tuesday – Friday from 12 pm – 8 pm
Saturday from 10 am – 8 pm
Sunday from 10 am – 6 pm

Cost: Never ever class – $25
Next steps – $25
Slow ride – $25
2 hours full cable – $25 per weekday / $30 per weekend
Day pass full cable is $40 per weekday / $50 per weekend

All activities require a reservation. Book your session here.

Photo credit: West Rock

What is West Rock Wake Park?

West Rock Wake Park is a cable park that allows people to wakeboard and waterski without a boat using Sesitec cable systems. The park is typically open from May to October, weather permitting. To see the latest information on openings and closings, check their Facebook page or Rainout line.

West Rock Wake Park has been in operation since 2014 when Daniel Jarrett and his family brought it to the Rockford area with the help of the Rockford Park District, but Levings Lake has a long history in Rockford. The man-made lake was dug in the 1940s and included Standfield Beach, a swimming beach that was open up until 2017.

The Rockford Park District assists in keeping the lake clean and maintained. There are more than 20 BioHaven floating islands in the lake that help clean the water of sediment and provide the fish habitat. 

Photo credit: West Rock

Levings Park has multiple playgrounds including one directly across from the Lake and one further into the park. There is also a large pavilion with many picnic tables, grills, and tons of green space to play. During a typical summer, a music series called Live at Levings happens on weekends.

How do you try wakeboarding?

If you’ve never been wakeboarding before, West Rock has you covered. They offer a learn to ride session for “never-evers.”

My husband and I tried a “never-ever” session in 2020. Though he has previously waterskied, I’d never done anything on the water. I’m not athletic or in shape, but I had an absolute blast at West Rock. I was able to stand up and ride for one minute or more multiple times. Even when I fell, it did not hurt and I was able to get to the tow rope fairly quickly. I didn’t drink any lake water and I comfortably wakeboarded in shorts and a tank top with my swimsuit underneath. Daniel made the experience enjoyable and fun!

What do you need to wakeboard?

West Rock provides all of the equipment you need to wakeboard or water ski including life jackets. All you need to do is wear a swimsuit and bring a towel! You can wear a tank top / shorts over your swimsuit if you’d prefer as well. 

What ages can wakeboard?

Anyone ages 7-8 and up can wakeboard, depending on size and swimming ability. If your child is a strong swimmer, they will have no problem wakeboarding. 

Each summer, West Rock offers the School of West Rock camp which has two levels. Class 101 is for kids who have never ridden or are beginners while Class 202 is for riders who are looking to grow their skills and practice on the course. The camp is for kids 7-15 years old and is usually $175 for four days of fun.

When can you try the wakeboard course?

After you’ve completed a “never ever” session, you are now a wakeboarder! You would then sign up for a “next steps” session to get a feel for the course. After that, you can book a slow ride to practice your skills. Daniel told us that he sees wakeboarders from ages 7 to 70 wakeboarding on the course every day. Professional wakeboarders also frequent the park and can be seen doing some really awesome tricks!

How do you sign up to try wakeboarding at West Rock?

Visit West Rock’s website to reserve your time. West Rock has events throughout the summer including special days, summer camp, and Ladies Nights Out.

Have you ever tried wakeboarding?

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