Colorful music-themed playground with a lovely view of Levings Lake

Address: 1420 S. Pierpont Ave., Rockford, IL

In Levings Park, directly across from West Rock Wake Park


Levings Lake Playground in Rockford is a medium-sized playground with Infinity climbers, spinning cups, and tall slides.

Best for ages: 2-10


  • Medium-sized three-level play structure with stairs and climbing entrances
  • Music station with drums and bells 
  • Infinity climbers
  • 4 stacked poles for climbing 
  • Two spinning cups
  • Spinning wheel
  • Monkey bars
  • Benches within the playground
  • Three slides – 1 small, 2 tall
  • Balancing blocks
  • Rock Paper Scissors game
  • Tic Tac Toe game
  • Climbing rings
  • Steering wheel
  • Climbing wall
  • Animal track display
  • Two telescopes 
  • Wooden retaining wall that kids use as a balance beam
  • Nearby shelter and picnic tables
  • Nearby garbage cans
  • View of Levings Lake
  • Nearby West Rock Wake Park
  • Sidewalk up to the playground

Sun protection: The playground is nicely shaded with large trees

Parking: Parking next to the playground

Playground structure materials: Plastic and metal

Ground/surface materials: Woodchips

Fenced in? N, but located in a large park

Slides? Y, three slides

Swings? N

Picnic tables, benches or other seating? Y, benches and retaining wall to sit on

Walking path, sidewalk or bike path? Y, there’s a sidewalk up to the playground

Stroller accessibility? Y

Bathrooms? N

Drinking fountain? N

Food and drink nearby? N

What makes it special or worth visiting?

Levings Lake Playground is a fun place for kids who like to climb, spin, and play music. The playground overlooks Levings Lake and West Rock Wake Park where you can watch kids and adults wakeboarding. There are several pieces of unique playground equipment including the Infinity climbers, spinning wheel, and spinning cups. There is also a great music station with multiple instruments to play. There are other playgrounds located in Levings Park that you can check out and make a day of your trip!

If you go, you may want to bring:

  • Bug spray – There are mosquitos because of the nearby lake
  • Water – The fountain is not in service

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