This is an unprecedented time in history and I’m sure we won’t soon forget it, but as our kids grow up, their memories of the time will get hazy. Here are some fun journal prompts, time capsules, and printables to help kids express their thoughts and feelings during this time. We’ve also included some ideas on how you can capture memories of this time as well. 

All of these items are FREE!

Printable Time Capsules and Journal Prompts

My 2020 Covid-19 Time Capsule was created by Long Creations. It’s an 11 page workbook with writing prompts, coloring pages, and more. Download it here.

They even have a version for adults if you’d like to process your thoughts! Download it here. 

My Lockdown Diary was created by Stephen  McCarthy. It’s a 28 page workbook full of prompts and ideas on how to spend 4 weeks. Download it here.

Quarantine Time Capsule 2020 was created by Louisville Family Fun. It’s a 5 page workbook that includes ideas on creating a physical time capsule to bury in your yard or put in a safe place. Get it here.

Coronavirus Time Capsule was created by The Mom Creative. It’s a 12 page workbook for kids. They also recommend creating a shoebox of memories. Get it here.

Here are three other ideas for preserving your memories of this time:

Video Time Capsules

Interview your family members on video about their thoughts and feelings. Here are some questions you can ask:

  1. Why do you think we’re staying at home?
  2. What are your favorite things to do at home?
  3. What do you miss doing?
  4. How are you feeling?
  5. What about this time makes you happy, sad, angry?

Save the video to watch in the future and remember how you felt during this time at home.

Facebook and Instagram Posts

Document your day with photos and your favorite memories from the day. Many people are posting every day to help remember this time in history.


Take pictures of what you and your kids are doing during the Stay at Home order. After it’s over, make a photobook of your favorite memories.

Are you documenting this time? How?

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