Are you looking for the right school for your child? Spectrum School in Rockford has spent the last 50 years teaching students to think, create, reflect, and impact the future.

Spectrum is organized to maximize positive learning experiences for all children. Low student-teacher ratios, team teaching at every level, multi-age classrooms that allow for deep differentiation and long-term relationship building, focusing on the whole child and refusing to let scores be the determining factor for instructional decision-making. Their vibrant, teacher-created curriculum focuses on student inquiry, project-based learning, and integration across subjects.

Opportunities to use technology in innovative ways are also an aspect of the Spectrum curriculum. An example of this is a weekly interview podcast of local leaders by Spectrum Middle School students. 

At Spectrum, they foster a love for nature, leveraging a natural play area, prairie, forest, and wetlands on their campus. They also have gardening and composting programs. Their nature-integrated preschool offers a variety of scheduling options from half-day three days a week to full-day five days a week. Spectrum has classes for children ages 3-14 years old.

Recently, Spectrum added a movement circuit, yoga station, fidget baskets, and sensory resources to give students the opportunity to wiggle, settle, relax, and move. 

Spectrum’s Open House is Wednesday, February 26 from 9 – 11 am and 2 – 6 pm. If those times don’t work for your family, you can schedule a tour by calling  815-877-1600. 

Watch the video below to see a school where learning happens naturally. 

This article is part of a paid partnership with Spectrum School.

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