Large wading pool with mushroom water feature, whale slides, and a wheelchair accessible ramp

Address: 2400 Palmer, Janesville, WI

Description: Located in Janesville, WI, Palmer Park wading pool is a large pool with seven-inch depth throughout, a raining mushroom water feature, and two whale slides.

Open: June 4 – August 28, 2022
View the schedule for days open here

Hours: 12 pm – 7 pm*
*Depending on staff availability 

Cost: $2 per kid / $8 per season
Adults are FREE

Best for ages: 0-8


  • Raining mushroom water feature
  • Two whale-shaped slides with fountains at the top
  • Wheelchair ramp entrance into wading pool
  • Seven-inch depth throughout the pool
  • Four picnic tables within pool area
  • Lots of trees and shaded grassy areas for chairs or towels
  • Lifeguard on duty
  • Concession stand nearby with drinks, food, and treats – all reasonably priced
  • Nearby Camden playground
  • Neabry zipline for kids
  • Green space for running
  • Two pavilions with picnic tables, bathrooms, and drinking fountains

Sun protection: Wading pool is in full sun, area outside the pool has some shade

Parking: Large parking lot with 50+ spots

Fenced in? Y

Slides? Y, two small whale slides with water fountains at the top of the slides

Picnic tables, benches or other seating? Y, four picnic tables within the wading pool area, two pavilions with more picnic tables nearby

Walking path, sidewalk or bike path? Y, sidewalk into playground and throughout park

Stroller accessibility? Y

Bathrooms? Y, bathrooms in both nearby pavilions

Drinking fountain? Y, drinking fountains in both nearby pavilions

Food and drink nearby? Y, concession stand in the pavilion near the wading pool

What makes it special or worth visiting?

Palmer Park wading pool is an awesome place for kids 8 and under to cool down and have fun on a hot summer day. The seven-inch water depth allows kids who can swim to do so, but also works for kids who don’t know how to swim or are just learning. There’s a lifeguard on duty and the nearby concession stand sells very reasonably priced food, drinks, and treats. The wading pool has wheelchair ramp access so everyone can enjoy the water. If you visit the playground and wading pool, you can spend the entire day here. It’s worth making the drive!

If you go, you may want to bring:

  • Change of clothes – Play in the playground after you swim
  • A packed lunch – There are two pavilions where you can eat
  • Cash or check – The concession/admission stand does not take debit or credit cards

**Note: The pool has 20 minutes closures at 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm.

Palmer Park Wading Pool Janesville WI
Palmer Park Wading Pool Janesville WI
Palmer Pool Wading Pool
Janesville, WI
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Palmer Park Wading Pool Janesville WI
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