Want to get into the Halloween spirit? Take a drive around through the Stateline and check out these awesome displays at local homes and businesses. Thank you to all of the Stateline Kids’ readers who submitted pictures and videos of these places!

If you visit any of these places, send us pictures or videos at hello@statelinekids.com. Thank you!

210 W. Chapel Street in Rockton, IL

This house is not too scary. There are skeletons, ghosts, spiders, and lights, but nothing bloody or scary.

Orleans Avenue in Rockford, IL

WARNING: Scary characters like Jigsaw from Saw, bloody heads, etc. It may be too scary for little kids.

1630 Blackhawk Blvd in South Beloit, IL

Green Acres Lawn Care
6505 Logan Ave. Belvidere, IL

This is a Fall themed photo spot where people can pose and take pictures.

Redenius Woods in Rockford, IL
Off Cunningham between Meridian and Weldon.

Purple Sage Drive in Roscoe, IL

Kocher Street in Rockton, IL

This has a skeleton display that is best viewed during the day.

Two houses on Johnston Avenue, Rockford, IL (off 11th St.)

House on Currytail Close, Rockford, IL (near Woodman’s)

405 N. State Street in Belvidere, IL

200 block of Paris Avenue in Rockford, IL

Main Street of Cherry Valley, Illinois has scarecrows displayed.

Trickie Enterprises
9200 N. 2nd St, Machesney Park, IL

Katie Court, Machesney Park, IL

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