Our favorite local children’s museum has a fun new exhibit that your kids can explore for a limited time! Discovery Town is a miniature town with play structures where kids can play pretend and use their imaginations located inside Discovery Center Museum.

Discovery Town Hours

Discovery Town is open from January 18, 2020 – May 10, 2020. 

The Discovery Center Museum is open 10 am – 5 pm every day.

Discovery Town Cost

Members can enter this exhibit for free. Guests pay $10 to get in which includes access to the entire museum (normally $9). 

Discovery Town Features

If you’re a regular visitor to the Discovery Center, you’ll recognize some of the places in Discovery Town. The town is a mix of old favorites and new additions.

One of my kids’ favorites – Papa John’s restaurant – makes a reappearance in town! Kids can make a (pretend) pizza, bake it, box it, and put it in the car to deliver it. They can also pretend to run the restaurant, take orders and work the cash register.

For the kids interested in putting on a show, there’s a theater area complete with costumes and props and a stage area with a curtain.

Animal lovers can take care of a variety of stuffed animals at the veterinarian’s clinic. There are cats, dogs, and even farm animals. My son spent most of our time in Discovery Town carefully grooming a goat!

If your kids love getting the mail then they’ll love the post office. They can sort mail, fill up a bag then make deliveries to the mailboxes around the town.

Kids can be a hero for the day at the fire station where there’s a fire truck, hoses to put out a fire, Rockford Fire uniforms to dress up in, and a backdrop for mom and dad to snap a cute pic. 

In the airport, kids can practice being pilots, air traffic controllers, and package handlers. They can sort UPS packages, load the plane, and then fly it into the sunset.

No town is complete without a park! In Discovery Town, kids can pack a picnic, jump rope, hula hoop, play hopscotch and go mini-golfing. The littlest guests will enjoy the mini slide and climbing structure. We’d recommend the play structure for kids 3 and under. My two-year-old could easily go down the slide, but my five-year-old was too big for it.

Our Visit to Discovery Town

My kids had a blast in Discovery Town and spent over an hour playing and pretending. One of the best parts of Discovery Town is that it encourages imaginative play! If kids or parents get tired and need to take a break, there are benches, chairs and a couch in the space.

After your kids are done playing in Discovery Town, there’s a ton more to do at the Discovery Center for all ages including the recently updated Bubble Play area. Check out our guide with more information on what the museum has here.

Do you plan on visiting Discovery Town?

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