Adorable hidden playground with pirate ship and large monkey bar structure

Address: ~6476 Sunny Meadow Rd., Machesney Park, IL


Sunny Meadow Playground in Machesney Park is a treehouse-themed two structure playground with three slides, a large monkey bar structure, swings, a pirate ship, and a four-seater rocking horse.

Best for ages: 2-10


  • Medium sized two-level play structure with climbing wall and stair entrances
  • Fish shaped climbing tube
  • Large monkey bar structure with several types of monkey bars
  • Cargo net climbing area
  • Climbing tunnel
  • Climbing wall
  • Pirate ship
  • Four seater rocking horse
  • Eight swings – four baby swings, two normal sized
  • Three slides – one tall, one twist, and one smaller slide
  • Nearby grassy space
  • Nearby gazebo and picnic tables
  • Nearby garbage cans
  • Sidewalk around the playground

Sun protection: The playground is semi-shaded

Parking: Parking on street

Playground structure materials: Plastic and metal

Ground/surface materials: Woodchips

Fenced in? N

Slides? Y, three slides

Swings? Y, four normal sized, four baby swings

Picnic tables, benches or other seating? Y, two picnic tables and two benches

Walking path, sidewalk or bike path? Y, there’s a sidewalk around the playground

Stroller accessibility? Y

Bathrooms? N

Drinking fountain? N

Food and drink nearby? N

What makes it special or worth visiting?

Sunny Meadow Playground is an adorable playground tucked away in a quiet neighborhood. The playground is secluded and somewhat old-fashioned with a unique four-seater rocking horse in good condition. There’s a rocking pirate ship perfect for imaginary play and a large monkey bar course that kids could practice their ninja warrior skills on. There’s a sidewalk around the playground that would be perfect for riding bikes or scooters. This playground is less than a mile from Russ Park and Price Park.

If you go, you may want to bring:

  • Sunscreen – Some parts of the play structure get direct sunlight
  • Bikes or scooters – There’s a sidewalk around the whole playground

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