Toddler playground in a sports complex with two playgrounds and a lake

Address: 1288 Elmwood Rd, Rockford, IL


Mercyhealth Sportscore One, located in Rockford, has two playgrounds, soccer and baseball fields, and a lake you can fish in. The toddler playground has a small play structure, seesaw, built-in games and a sundial.

Best for ages: 2-10


  • Two level small play structure with climbing and stair entrances
  • Corkscrew climber
  • Seesaw (two-seater)
  • Steering wheel
  • Fireman pole
  • Curved climber
  • Built-in games including a puzzle and TicTacToe
  • Sundial
  • Small tunnel
  • Play counter beneath the structure
  • Two slides – one tall twist slide, one shorter curved slide
  • Large grassy space
  • Garbage cans nearby
  • Nearby baseball diamonds
  • Nearby soccer fields
  • Nearby boat ramp
  • Nearby recreation path
  • Nearby lake you can fish in

Sun protection: Most of the playground is in full sun

Parking: Several large parking lots (500+ spaces)

Playground structure materials: Plastic and metal

Ground/surface materials: Rubber flooring

Fenced in? Y, the playground is 75% fenced in

Slides? Y, two slides

Swings? N

Picnic tables, benches or other seating? Y, one bench in view of the playground

Walking path, sidewalk or bike path? Y, there’s a sidewalk throughout the complex

Stroller accessibility? Y

Bathrooms? Y, bathrooms are open when they are games. There are also Porta Potties nearby.

Drinking fountain? Y

Food and drink nearby? N, unless there are baseball games and the concession stand is open

What makes it special or worth visiting?

Sportscore One has two playgrounds, many baseball and soccer fields, and a lake that you can fish in. The toddler playground is perfect for kids ages 2-8 while the bigger kid playground is great for kids ages 4-12. Both playgrounds are 75% fenced in and have rubber flooring. The toddler playground has a two-seat seesaw, two slides, several built-in games including TicTacToe and a sundial. The other playground is a short walk away on the path that circles the complex. The recreation path is a great place to ride bikes or scooters as it circles the 147-acre complex.

If you go, you may want to bring:

  • Sunscreen – Some parts of the play structure get direct sunlight
  • Bikes, scooters, and ride-ons – There’s a sidewalk throughout the complex that kids could ride on
Toddler Playground in Mercyhealth Sportscore One Rockford, IL
Toddler Playground in Mercyhealth Sportscore One
Rockford, IL
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