Tucked away in the heart of Sinnissippi Park, this music-themed playground is perfect for the littlest adventurers.

Address: 1401 N 2nd St, Rockford, IL


The toddler playground in Sinnissippi Park is great for crawling babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. The play structure is about three feet high with large steps and small slides. The entire playground surface is covered with soft Astroturf. Surrounding trees shade the majority of the play structures and benches.

Best for ages: 1-6


  • A small play structure with two gentle slides on opposite ends of a bridge
  • Two teeter-totters: A four-seater that rocks in all directions and a traditional two-seater
  • Musical instruments including drums, steel piano keys, and a trio of xylophones
  • Plastic abacus with large beads attached to the outside of the play structure
  • Two benches inside the playground
  • Sidewalk leading into the playground for wheelchair and stroller access
  • Picnic tables, drinking fountains and public bathrooms (men’s and women’s) located 500 feet from the playground in the Twin Shelters

Sun protection: Lots of shade from many trees surrounding the playground

Parking: 10-20 spots located next to the playground, more parking throughout the park

Playground structure materials: Plastic and metal

Ground/surface materials: Astroturf (soft)

Fenced in? N

Slides? Y, two small slides

Swings? N

Picnic tables, benches or other seating? Y, picnic tables and benches

Walking path, sidewalk or bike path? Y

Stroller accessibility? Y

Bathrooms? Y, includes sinks with running water

Drinking fountain? Y, includes dog drinking fountain

Food and drink nearby? N

What makes it special or worth visiting?

This playground is perfect for little kids! The soft Astroturf is great for crawling babies and unsteady toddlers. All of the playground equipment looks new and is in working order including the musical instruments. It’s in a quiet, mostly shaded area of the park where parents can sit on benches and enjoy the outdoors while their kids play. There is also a larger playground for older kids located near the Ethel Avenue entrance.

If you go, you may want to bring:

  • Bug spray – There can be mosquitos and ticks
  • Sunscreen – Some parts of the play structure get direct sunlight
  • Bean bags – There are permanent cornhole boards next to the Twin Shelters
  • A packed lunch or stuff to grill – There are lots of picnic tables and several charcoal grills (bring your own supplies)
Toddler Playground in Sinnissippi Park
Rockford, IL
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